The best indoor trees for your home and garden

Indoor and small trees are one of the most underrated ways you can spruce up your home and garden. While indoor plants have taken off, indoor trees are both an eye grabber and something not everyone is doing. Whatever your style, indoor trees will fit right into your homes aesthetic. 

If you want something Climbing high to your ceiling, or a simple bonsai to maintain some zen in your space, not considering trees is a huge mistake and we’ll show you exactly which ones and why you need them. Speaking for both indoor plants and trees, they bring with them huge benefits to you and your home. Plant life will improve your general well being, while also acting as natural air purifiers. 

Fiddle leaf fig

The fiddle leaf fig is perfect for anyone looking to add some variety to their living room. It doesn’t take up too much space while adding a simple aesthetic. As seen in the photo, colour the pot depending on the rest of the room. The whole pot mixes perfectly with the while walls and couch. 

In terms of maintaining the fiddle leaf fig tree, it doesn’t like soil to be moist or too dry, just right. Watering the roots sparingly once per day will work well. They enjoy filtered sun, and if you treat them right, they should last you 25-50 years. A huge lifespan so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. If the Fiddle leaf fig tree is struggling in terms of its health. Chop off the trunk and allow it to sprout anew. 


Madagascar dragon tree

If you’re living a busy life, the Madagascar dragon tree is for you. It’s known for its steady stubborn growth and the low maintenance it requires. If you’re wanting the trees in your home to get some attention the Madagascar can grow to eight feet tall, not bad for an indoor tree. If you like something a bit out of the ordinary this tree is great. It’s intertwined trunks and the funky hair style can make a great fit in the right aesthetic. 

Although hitting eight feet will require about 10 years. Luckily you can easily buy the tree from a local garden or hardware store. They thrive in room temperature, and require very little sun. Sun light can actually burn their leaves so be careful with its placement. 

Parlor Palm

This tree, which was a popular choice in Victorian times, makes an ideal candidate for more wet conditions. It’s lush green leaves are a bit all over the shop and if you’re looking for something simple in a pool or bathroom away the parlor palm works well. They do best in high moisture areas and could struggle in dry spots. 

Where you place the Parlor Palm tree, it’s going to need adequate sun light.  This tree will be a little more tricky to maintain then some of the other trees I’ve mentioned so far. You’re going to need to maintain it’s soil quality and water it weekly. They can get what’s called root rot, it’s a symptom of improper drainage in their pot. 

Rubber tree

Rubber trees are a personal favorite for a variety of reasons. For one, if you’re looking to give close to no attention, this tree’s for you. All they need is a weekly watering and sit so they get a few hours of sunlight each day. It’s aesthetic is fantastic, a minimal trunk and a very bush head makes it ideal for just about anywhere. It generally won’t grow too big and you can always trim it. It makes a good table top plant as its size is ideal for smaller spaces. 

If you haven’t started indoor plants or trees in your home. It’s such a surprisngly new way to add some life and aethetic to your home you hadn’t known was there. Plant and tree life can provide an aesthetic that few other objects can. It’s nothing like styling your home using natural and real plants and trees. Rather than inamite objects that aren’t living or breathing.
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