Best trees for sydney gardens

Whether you own a small lawn or a huge garden in Sydney, trees always make a place for themselves. Trees are essential for gardens because they enhance the beauty and add value to the property. They also tend to increase the useability of your lawn.

Today we are going to tell you about the 7 best trees that you must add to your garden in Sydney if you are a garden lover.

Crepe myrtle

The first one on the list is Crepe myrtle and if you don’t have it in your garden then you must get it right away. These trees are extremely attractive and add colour to your garden. Their stunning flowers blossom in the summer season and give a sense of calmness. They can be grown in a pot as well as in the ground. Crepe myrtle is best suitable for the weather of Sydney and you must plant them to enhance the beauty of your garden.

Ornamental prunus

The Ornamental Prunus tree is stunning because of the beauty it possesses. The pink and white flowers of Ornamental Prunus add vibrance to your garden and attract bees in the spring season. It is best to plant this tree in the winter season in Sydney when it becomes leafless.

Golden chain tree

Golden chain tree is yet another marvel of nature that you will remember for the rest of your life. Its beauty and shade will enhance the value of your property through its aesthetics. The flowers of the Golden chain tree are wisteria-like but in golden colour. The tree blossoms in early spring. It has clusters of flowers that droop half a meter. Golden soil for this tree is suitable for its growth. The usual height of this tree is around 5-7 meters.

Ivory curl tree

Forth one on the list is Ivory curl tree which is best suitable for the climate of Australia. This native Australian tree can reach a height of around 8 meters in winters and can even grow further in summers. The flowers of this tree are smothered in cream and attract bees and beautiful birds.


At the end of September, the lovely branches of this tree start appearing in Sydney. Generally, these trees are planted in moist soil that is rich and hydrated well. These trees are easy to grow in the winter season but can also withstand summer heat if they are watered properly. In Australia, nearly three species of this tree are found with pink and white leaves.

Compact evergreen magnolias

Magnolias are also known as “Teddy Bear” and “Little Gem” because of their glossy leaves. They have a vibrant and striking rusty look with white flowers. This tree grows in the summer season of Sydney. These trees are great for providing good shade in hot summers of Sydney.


If you own a garden in Sydney and plan to plant a tree at your house then Dogwood is the best option for you. This tree grows in hot and humid environments and is one of the most beautiful trees that can be grown in Sydney. Their usual height is around 5 meters and is mostly grown in the summer season. Their flowers are white or pink and sometimes even red coloured.

Adding a tree to your garden can enhance its beauty and add value to your property. Adding beautiful trees to your garden is the best way to introduce the feel of nature in your interiors. Trees are best for adding a focal point to your home by blurring the in and out boundaries.  If you need to replace current trees in your garden, consider hiring a service such as Sydney tree removals.

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