How much should tree removal cost in Sydney?

Trees and plants look beautiful if properly managed but when a tree becomes dead or is about to die then getting it removed is one option. The reasons behind the removal of trees in Sydney can be numerous ranging from a tree being diseased, endangered or planted at a spot where it is not allowed.

In Sydney, tree removal is not as simple as it sounds and it is not just about running a sharp blade against the tree to cut it down. There are many factors involved in this task of tree removal which become the reason for the increased cost. So, for this purpose, professionals are hired to perform this task.

The average cost of getting a tree removed in Sydney is $871. Only small to medium trees with heights up to 100 ft. fall in this price bracket. This is not a perfect cost indicator, so, we but through this guide, you can have a fair idea about tree removal costs for different kinds of trees in Sydney.

 What type of work can tree loppers do?

Tree loppers or tree removalists can perform a wide variety of jobs that include the following:

Removal of Trees

  • Stump Removal
  • Mulching
  • Tree Felling
  • Clearance of Land
  • Tree Surgery
  • Pruning

To remove a tree completely from any place special equipment is required along with experienced workers. Their job is to make sure that all the tasks are carried out safely without damaging people or property.

Cost of small tree removal

If you are considering getting a small tree-like Lilly Pilly or Bottle Brush removed in Sydney then it will cost you around $250 – $950. The height of these trees is around 5 meters and if you want the stem to be removed as well, it will cost you an extra $100.

Following are some examples of small trees:

  • Jacaranda
  • Lilly Pilly
  • Bottle Brush

Cost of medium tree removal

Medium trees like Liquidambars and Silky Oak have a height of around 6-9 meters and these trees will cost you around $650-$1500 depending on their height and complexity of the landscape.

Following are some of the medium trees that fall into this category:



Eucalyptus Nicholai


Silky Oak

Cost of large tree removals

Cost of large tree removal in Sydney can be around $1000 and more depending on its size. A large tree is as high as a 3-story building. In the case of large trees, there are factors other than height which play a part in its cost. These factors can include the spread of the tree, the closeness of nearby buildings, and landscape.

Following are some of the large trees that fall into this category:

  • Bluegum
  • Angophora
  • Radiata pine

Things that can affect the cost of a tree job

Tree removal costs can vary and are dependent on many different factors such as the height of the tree, the spread of the tree, trunk diameter, landscape and access to the tree.

Following are some other factors that play a key role in determining the cost of a tree removal job.

Tree Weight: Trees with more weight can cost you more because heavy machinery and more manpower is required

Accessibility: If the tree is at such a spot where it is very difficult to access then the job will be costly

Dangers Involved: Some trees have more chances to damage the property because they become brittle and fragile when they are dead

The company you hire: A big and reputable tree removal company will always cost more than a smaller company 

Tree Species: Some tree species are more difficult to handle than others and in that case, the cost can vary.


Hiring a professional tree removalist in Sydney for your law is the best way to carry out this job because of its complexity. The dangers involved in these kinds of jobs are very high because the tree can fall in any direction and only professionals and experts can guess what that direction would be. So, if you are planning to hire a professional tree removalist in Sydney, then make sure that the expert is certified and the company is insured.

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