How to grow jacaranda trees in Sydney

There are only a few trees well suited for the environment of Sydney that are as beautiful as Jacaranda trees. Owning a Jacaranda tree in Sydney is not only a responsibility for you but also a pleasure. This magnificent tree sheds its purple bed of flowers once a year which adds beauty to the overall scene. In this article, we are going to tell you how to grow Jacaranda trees if you are from Sydney.

Quick tips for growing Jacaranda’s

Following are some of the best tips for you if you are planning to own a Jacaranda in Sydney.

Planning Prior to Planting

The most important thing is to plan before you plant a Jacaranda in Sydney because these trees can reach a height of 15 meters both is height and width is the span of fewer than 20 years. So, it is very important to keep in mind the area in which you are going to plant a Jacaranda. You should give it a sufficient room for its huge size and fast growth. You must also look for a spot where there is the presence of sunlight.

Jacaranda’s Life Span

If you are using a seed to grow Jacaranda in Sydney then it is going to take almost 7-14 years to grow to its full length. However, if you are going through the seedling path then you must expect it to grow in 2-3 years. For the first few years of its growth, you must soak the soil and let it dry. Once it reaches a height of 3 meters then do consult a specialist.

Suitable Conditions

The best suitable conditions for the growth of Jacaranda include the temperature of more than because this tree cannot grow in winters. This tree will be damaged if it is exposed to the winter frost. These trees need warm weather to survive and be easily grown in Northern Coastal areas, Sydney and Melbourne. The tree can be grown in most of the soils but the best soil for this tree is sandy soil. Apart from that, the tree needs plenty of direct sunlight.

Before you plant a Jacaranda

Before you plant a jacaranda in your garden just keep in mind that it can reach a height of 15 meters both in width and height. You need a lot of space once you have a full-grown jacaranda tree in your lawn. The tree also needs a good well-drained quality soil. The best place to plant a jacaranda is where there is a lot of direct sunlight.

Don’t prune A jacaranda

Another important tip for growing a jacaranda tree in Sydney is to let the tree grow on its own. Do not prune these trees all together otherwise you might ruin their beauty. You will ruin the shape of the tree as well. This tree grows both vertically and horizontally so you should not prune it if you are not an expert.

Ongoing care

Jacarandas tend to shed a lot of leaves and can make the place messy sometimes. You might need to clean the place now and then if you want to own a jacaranda tree. The leaves are racked up and if the place is not cleared on time they might turn into slime and make a huge mess. So, you must take care of your tree while providing the tree with enough water and sufficient sunlight for its healthy growth. If your Jacaranda happens to be dying it’s a good idea to hire a tree removalist in Sydney to suit all your tree needs.


For the first two years, you will need to take care of your jacaranda tree because the tree is in its growth phase. You must make sure that the tree is not planted in winter seasons and is never covered with frost because a small jacaranda tree will not be able to survive cold weather. You should make sure that the trees are receiving a sufficient amount of sunlight on a daily basis. All these things will help you grow a beautiful and healthy jacaranda tree in Sydney.

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