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At Sydney Tree Removal we have know how much of a pain problem palms can, whether its dead branches that you are unable to cut down or fruit that falls and is constantly straining your property, Sydney Tree Removals are the ones to go to. We have an experienced team who have dealt with issues like these for years and have fast simple solutions to have your property back in order in no time. Our services are all over the Northern Beaches, Upper and Lower north shore and surrounding suburbs, If your interested in getting some problem palms quoted and removed give Sydney Tree Removal a call.

Need a job done today for an event that you have tomorrow, give Sydney Tree Removal a call as we have teams of guys all over Sydney who might be able to help out. Our tree removal teams are friendly, professionals who pride themselves on their work ethic and flexibility. All Sydney Tree Removal teams have been highly trained in order to adapt to any changes. The tree removal teams are always happy to have a chat and offer advice regarding your trees, if you unsure about what approach to take to manage your tree or even when and how much it should be pruned, get in touch with Sydney Tree Removal today and once of our friendly staff can offer you some advice.

Problem palms

Solutions for your problem palms

Tree trimming

The best tree removal services in Sydney


We offer firewood when your tree has been cut down

Rubbish removal

Green waste and other rubbish removal


We offer mulching services, and can reuse your tree in your garden.

Stump grinding

We offer the best landscaping services in sydney


Strata contracts

We have many ongoing contracts for management of trees

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning services to prevent damage to your property 

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