Questions to ask before hiring a tree removalist

Hiring a tree removalist for your garden can sometimes be a messy job and beginners mostly don’t know what to ask before hiring a tree removalist. If you do not know what you are looking for then you might get tricked because there are a lot of inexperienced gardeners out there posing as professional tree removalists.

There are many gardeners who stay on the edges of integrity. In such cases, they mostly make verbal agreements and with time they forget the deliverables and you end up getting something which you didn’t agree upon in the first place.

In this article, we are going through a checklist of essential things that you must ask your arborist before hiring him as your tree removalist.


Asking about the qualifications of your tree removalist is extremely important. On a professional scale, there are different levels of certified arborists. A level 3 arborist is the minimum standard qualification which you should be looking for. Some of the professional tree removalists would also have level 5 or above certifications but level 3 certification is minimum if you are looking for something professional and safe.

You can simply ask a tree removalist to provide a copy of his certification while inquiring about the cost of the project.



A tree removal job can be very risky and dangerous sometimes because of the tree falling in the wrong direction. This can damage your property and even harm people in the near vicinity. A tree removalist himself can be injured if he miscalculates. In order to make this job hustle free and safe for everyone, make sure that the tree removalist you are hiring is insured. This will cover up for you if anything goes wrong.

In this case, too, you can simply ask for the copy of their insurance paperwork before hiring an arborist from a professional company.


You don’t want an inexperienced person working in your garden who has no idea about the job. Removing trees can be risky at times and practising is the only way to master this job. So, if you are looking to hire someone who is not going to mess then make sure the tree removalist you hire is experienced.

To check this thing, you can simply go to ABN lookup if you are from Australia and enter the ABN or ACN number of the company to find out about them. It will tell you for how many years the company is in business.


Do they offer itemized quotes?

It is very important to know that the company or an individual you are hiring offers itemized quotes for separate things. In a pruning job, you usually book a tree removalist and they quote the job and let you know but they don’t normally break down their cost structure. The quote must include everything necessary for this job. Because by the time they end their job there might be a few things missing.

For example, The quote must include the cost of each item separately:

Wild Apple Tree – Removal of lower limbs x 4

3 x Eucalyptus – Removal of overhanging branches x 3

How will the job be carried out?

It is a very important question to ask how will this job be carried out? Are you guys going to block my driveway for 7 hours straight? Do you guys need access through my neighbour’s garden?

All these questions are really important because professional tree removalists must plan the whole job and let you know the details. If they don’t have a plan then they are going to cause a lot of problems.

Normally in the process of the quotation, they will let you know these details but if they don’t then you must ask about the execution plan of the job.



Tree removal is a very risky job and you must make sure that you are hiring the right person for the right job. You must make sure that the company you are about to hire is certified and professional. It is very important to ask all the above-mentioned questions while looking for a professional service. 

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