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Tree removal in the north shore is something that we pride ourselves on. The north shore is a beautiful suburb and for many reasons always needs trees to be removed. If you’re considering hiring us to come look at a tree rest assured we’ll provide a level of service no other tree lopper can contend. 

We offer same day quotes free of charge, this means, we can come to your home, meet you and the tree in question, then give you our opinion and the price at hand. For us it isn’t a concern and we’re more than happy to go out of our way to provide you with the best quote and expertise possible.


Our team is full of experts on all things trees and have years of experience in tree removal in the North Shore. Our business can be difficult, especially in the tough Australian heat.


North shore tree removal is a well-established business with over a decade industry experience. Our team of expert tree removalists are fully qualified and are very capable of getting to job done no matter what it is. We are a Sydney based tree removal service the Northshore is one of our main areas in Sydney we service but we are more than happy to come to your area if need be to remove a tree.  The average cost to remove a tree is Sydney is $1290 but depending of the size of the tree and were it is located on the property that price can change greatly. A small tree is less than 6 meters in Height The price range to get a small tree removed is about $400-$700 but depending on the tree the price can either be more or less. A medium tree is 6-10 meters in Hight costing around $600-$1200 to be removed but then again there are price variation depending on the tree. A large tree is 10-30 meters in Hight costing around $1500-$5000 to be removed.


When quoting a tree there is a lot of variation that needs to be taken into account by the client such as access to the tree, if the tree is located in your backyard then it will take a lot longer to fully remove the tree and will take more manpower than a tree in the front yard. Any structure around or through the tree also need to be taken in to account these can include power lines and close proximity to houses. No job is to big or too small for North Shore tree removal

North shore tree removal is a well regarded tree removal company in the lower and upper North shore area. We have done a number of tree removal and tree service jobs within the north shore, some of which even needing specialist machinery such as a crane and stump puller to remove the tree and stump as quickly as possible so we don’t have to be in your private space.


Problem palms

Solutions for your problem palms

Tree trimming

The best tree removal services in Sydney


We offer firewood when your tree has been cut down

Rubbish removal

Green waste and other rubbish removal


We offer mulching services, and can reuse your tree in your garden.

Stump grinding

We offer the best landscaping services in sydney


Strata contracts

We have many ongoing contracts for management of trees

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning services to prevent damage to your property 

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