What to check when hiring tree services in the Northern Beaches

Tree lopping is a type of tree pruning where the treetop is cut mainly for safety purposes and aesthetics to enhance new growth. It is also done to open up the tree branches for better light. Mainly the purpose is to reduce the chance of damage to the property due to the presence of unwanted branches of trees. 

Tree lopping is an important task which requires a lot of safety measures to be taken before starting the job and also requires professionals to carry out the job. For this purpose, tree removal in the northern beaches of Sydney, numerous tree loppers can be found but the question is how would you know that the tree lopping services you are looking at are reliable? Tree lopping is a very dangerous job so if you are thinking of hiring someone to do it, then you must look for a professional. 

In this regard, we have shortlisted the top four important factors which should be kept in mind while hiring a tree lopper in the Northern Beaches.

Are they insured

Professionals of this field will normally guarantee their tree lopping services which indicate that they are responsible if any damage is caused to the property or people. So, it is extremely important in this regard, that the company you are hiring is completely insured. Otherwise, if anything goes wrong you will be liable. When you are considering about hiring a tree lopping service, do some research and look along the following lines:


  • Safety is guaranteed 
  • Complete insurance of all work 
  • Work practices according to Australian WHS standards
  • Clearance of Boundary 
  • Safety-related to power lines 

Do they have correct licences

Tree lopping is not as simple as it sounds because the professionals who are working and providing tree lopping services are equipped with certificates and licenses from regulatory authorities. How are you going to know that the person you are hiring is certified and has finished his training? 

The best way to deal with these issues is by finding an experienced and professional tree lopper. This can be done by asking the company about the credentials of workers. You must look for certifications like Certified Arborist or Certified Tree Care Professionals. Accreditation is the best indicator for any reputed and reliable company or business to perform the required task without any accident or damage. An authorized company will provide you with the proof of at least 50 hours of training of its workers.


Have they got experience?

The job of removing trees or cutting their branches requires professionals and skilled workers. Experienced loppers will know in what directions branches of trees will fall. The experience required to make this judgement may vary on a calm day with no wind than on a windy day. To train and teach these workers, the techniques which are required to remove any tree in any particular terrain, the tree lopping company has to conduct authorized training sessions. Then there are certifications for these workers who are qualified to do tree lopping in any particular area. The experience of a worker also counts and a skilled tree lopper with years of experience would charge more than a tree lopper who is new to this. So, when you decide to hire a tree lopper, do consider his experience of this job.



Many tree lopping service providers will have to look at the trees before providing an accurate quote, so if they come on time and inspect the condition of your trees properly then it is a good sign. You can also ask them about speaking to their previous customers to have a sense of reliability by inquiring about their past work.

When you are looking for a tree lopping service in your area, the first thing you should do is to look at their website. A website is a good indicator regarding the professionalism of any service provider. On the website, they must be clear about the services they are providing. You should also see if they have posted pictures of their past work. Apart from that you should see if they provide any details regarding the equipment they are using. All these factors will tell you about the reliability of the company.



As we discussed above, the process of tree lopping is not as simple as it sounds. There is much more to it than just cutting branches of a tree with a blade. This is a complex process which requires professionals and experienced workers. While hiring a tree lopping service provider in your area you should look at our guide and you must consider all these factors and hire a professional for this job to avoid any difficulties.

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