What trees improve the value of your property on the North Shore

Whether you are planning to sell your house or you are planning to live there for a while, you always want to make decisions which benefit you on a long term basis. In this regard, plantation of trees is one of the major factors that play an important role in determining the value of your property. In the North Shore of the city, if you plan to buy a property then make sure to look around for different kinds of trees in the vicinity of the house and as well as in front of the house.

Different kinds of trees play a different role when it comes to adding value to the property. Some trees may decrease the value of your property whereas some may increase. It all depends on the kind of trees and landscape of that area. 

In this article, we are going to tell you which trees you should be looking for when it comes to adding value to the property if your property is in the North Shore.

Can trees improve your propertys value on the North Shore

According to a research carried out in a university, for every $1 that you invest in landscaping, you are most likely to get a return of 109 per cent and this is huge money. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Make use of this technique through green investment by learning about which trees to cut down and which trees to add, to increase the overall value of your property. 

A 2017 study from Sydney showed that three of the suburbs had an increase in value by 10 per cent which resulted in $50,000 on average. Along with that, in the same study, it was found that the shading of trees results in an annual reduction of energy bills by up to $800 a year in the North Shore. So, retaining a green infrastructure can directly provide you with a financial gain.


What trees should I remove to increase my property's value

Trees add a lot of beauty to your place and are visually appealing but not all trees are like that. Some of the trees can reduce the value of your property and we are going to tell you about them. Sometimes there are trees which should be removed to keep your house safe and more visually appealing.  

Following are some of the trees which you should remove to increase the value of your property.

Dead or Dying Trees: Trees that are dead or either dying can seriously damage the nearby property or people because of their fragile structure. They become brittle and unstable. So, it is best to remove these kinds of trees otherwise it is highly likely that they will damage your property in case of any storm and would even cause an injury.

Trees that are too close to your house: If a tree is too close to your property then it may decrease the value of your property. It is because of two reasons, the first one being the blockage of view of the house and the second one being dangerous because what if it falls onto the property. In this case, the tree can cause big damage to the property if it dies or even in case of storms if it falls. These trees also shed leaves on the house which becomes a messy job and you have to clean the house every day

Split Trunk Trees: Trees that have split trunks are very dangerous for the property as well. Due to this reason, there is a chance that in high winds they will fall onto the property because of inherent instability.

Root Rot Trees: Roots of some trees are rotting away and you won’t even know about that. In this case, the trees can become weak and dye after a certain period if not taken care of properly. This scenario can also reduce the value of any property.

Can trees that are sort after when added, add value to your property

The question is what trees you should plant to increase the overall value of your property?

So, we have shortlisted top five trees which can add a great value to your property because they are attractive, compact and easy to manage:


  1. Frangipani
  2. Crepe Myrtle
  3. Maples
  4. Evergreen Ash
  5. Citrus Trees

All five of the above-mentioned trees add great value to your property because they are visually appealing to the eyes. These trees are also long-lasting and carry beautiful and colourful flowers.


What we have learned

So what have we learned about tree clearing in the North Shore, as we all saw that trees that are well managed and are visually appealing add value to your property. However, there are some trees which hurt the financial value of your property because they are either dead or dying. Another reason for trees adding a negative value to any house in or tree removal in the North Shore is blockage of view. So, before buying any property you should be careful about all the facts that we have shortlisted for you in this article.

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