Why is tree removal is so expensive in the Northern Beaches

The cost of removing trees anywhere including Northern Beaches is extremely high and you must be wondering why is that? 

Why is the removal of trees so costly? I just wanted to remove that one unwanted tree but the price I was quoted was unbelievable.

If you are looking for answers to the above questions then you are at the right place! Here in this article, we will tell you why this job is so costly in Northern Beaches. 

There are many different aspects when it comes to removing a tree and the cost can sometimes skyrocket. To understand that, let’s begin by breaking down the cost structure into pieces. The main work in this process is the removal of trees and that’s what we can think of, however, many other factors are lying below this as well. But when you hire a professional tree removal company there is much more involved than just making a single cut through a chain saw. 

Following are some of the main factors of high tree removal cost in Northern Beaches


The process of removing a tree seems very simple but in reality, people are not familiar with the complexities of this process. To remove a tree or any part of it, professionals have to make sure that the tree doesn’t fall on to the nearby road or damage ongoing cars. They also have to make sure that it is cut in such a manner that it does not fall onto nearby buildings. We read daily about the news of falling trees and destroying property and to stop this thing from happening one should hire professionals. Untrained workers and homeowners tend to do these kinds of jobs and as a result, a lot of damage is done. Proper machinery, including lifters, are required to carry this whole process. Training of all employees is done before they are hired by big companies which make sure that the job is done with safety.

Dangers and difficulties

The study of tree management and cultivation is known as Arboriculture and to perform these tasks a lot of difficulties are faced by people, so experts from these fields are hired to minimize the difficulties and damages which occur on a daily basis, particularly for Northern Beaches tree removal. It is also a dangerous process because some of the structures of trees are compromised and you never know what will happen next. Sometimes the tree can fall on the person who is removing it. The dead trees are far more compromised than the ones which are alive. A tree which is dead for many years becomes fragile and brittle and as a result, it breaks very easily. 

Furthermore, tree workers are working in areas where electrical conductors are passing through the branches of trees and this itself is a dangerous thing. The hazard in this case speaks for itself.

Insurances and costs

As we talked about the dangers of removing trees, so to avoid these problems, big companies have liability insurance to protect their maintenance workers along with the property. The cost of these insurance companies for tree removal workers is extremely high and this is one of the reasons why this task is costly. 

Along with insurance costs, there are licensing costs involved as well because any company can not just start removing trees without the permission of the government officials. The companies require proper licensing to perform these tasks and getting a license in Northern Beaches is considered as a costly thing. 

Skilled workers

The job of removing trees in any area requires professionals and skilled workers. So, to train and teach these workers the techniques which are required to remove any tree in any particular terrain, the company has to spend a lot of money. Then there are certifications for these workers who are qualified to remove trees in any particular area. The cost of these certifications is also included in all of this setup. The experience of a worker also counts and a skilled worker with years of experience would charge more than a worker who would be new to this.


So, as we discussed above, the process of tree removal is not as simple as it sounds. There is much more to it than just cutting a tree with a blade. All the costs ranging from the cost of skilled workers, cost of licensing, certification cost, insurance cost, cost of experienced workers and professional advisory costs when combined becomes a huge amount. So, if you are looking for removing a tree in your locality then you must consider all these factors and hire a professional for this job to avoid any difficulties.

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